Referral Exchange Program | is probably the most well known referral exchange program.  They have been online as long as I can remember and the amount of referrals you receive is up to you.  The more you sign up as other’s referrals, you can in turn spend those credits to get others to be your referrals. Referral Exchange and Downline Building are great ways to generate passive income.

Under’s free automated programs/websites/traffic you’ll be able to easily convince others to join your chosen programs. Who would pass up “one click” money? well, actually I have to double click, unless I click firefox/chrome on the taskbar, but i’m totally getting nick burn’s your company’s computer guy and completely off subject.

There are tons and tons of referral programs out there, be careful of anything you pick outside of’s recommended sites. We’ve probably tried it, so you dont have it.

The problem with old referral programs were they were all (paid to click) ptc and that gets old after a while. But now with autosurf programs who completely comply with google and youtube’s terms of service, many people are staying more active within the current referral exchange community.

Thus, more money, more traffic, more impressions, more conversions, more money, and more money. like that, just like that. If you stay active as well and thats easy to do when you’re watching money come in.


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