79% of all traffic is SEO Search Engine Optimization, Learn how to get ranked #1 fast and free!

Believe it or not, SEO is not a difficult thing to understand and doesn’t requires tons of forum post and backlinking just to get a few ranks higher.   It’s really easy,  you just have to think like the computer.  So, let’s say your keyword phrase is “make money online” and you want to show people how to make money online via ebook, Youtube, Udemy course, etc..

For example, I have written a book on how to make money online.   For SEO purposes I have titled the book “How to Make Money Online”, but to build stronger SEO we have to go a little further

so the first chapter inside the book is titled “How to make money online” (so when google is looking for those keywords, it will scan the first few lines of your book)

I have also volumed this collection and subtitled the book


“Make Money While You Sleep, Real Passive money generated online with multiple streams of passive income”


Didn’t stop there either, I also named the author

“First name: make

“Last name: Money Online


There was no need to go any further, i’ll show you why in a second, but if I did choose to continue to lay the SEO even harder on this book I would:


  • Title your images your keywords
  • Make sure your header and page name fields are filled with your keywords
  • Much like this book example, title the first few lines on your website the keywords you want people to identify you with
  • Now if all this isn’t enough, and you feel you need more
  • legi.tk also improves your alexa rank dramatically while running
  • To build the strongest SEO use Youtube! Youtube is the strongest platform to SEO, providing opportunities to provide your base with video/audio, backlinks, and updates to your website or blog


But I really didnt need to do everything, this was just an example of what could easily happen if you apply this to your website or blog


How to Make Money Online 

The book was published on the 6th and as i’m writing this it’s the 9th, or was when I started.  That’s beside the point, do you see how only applying a few SEO tricks can easily boost you to the number one spot in a few days.   If you click the link you might notice a number of other books ranked below, with 4 and 5 star reviews.  However, my book, that has no reviews, yet, is ranked #1 in a few days?

TL:DR:  Proof is in the pudding, It’s not rocket science, just do a few things, and win at the internet



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