How to create real wealth online

There is a huge difference between rich and wealthy.  Many can be rich, everyone, or pretty much everyone has had a point in their life where they’ve had a substantial amount of money.  Wealthy people never run out of money.

Does it mean you have to live frugally? What’s the point then, if you have to scrape-by just to have a life of financial freedom.  Well, you don’t. You can earn money passively online with a little or a lot of work upfront, the lifetime payout is well worth it.

What am I getting at? You’ll never ever ever ever become wealthy trading time for money. never.  At the end of the day you will still be trading time for money, which you need to break that habit if you wish to create real, long lasting, wealth.

Aside from anything you’ll learn online through youtube,wordpress,google,udemy, or wherever the most important ability to cultivate is your mindset. Now im not about to get all spiritual on you, but you must dream big.  Why are you not asking for bigger things?

Along with having the wealthy mindset, meaning you believe you are already very wealthy, you need to do what the big dogs do.  Let’s face it, there are people who are really good at one particular thing all over the internet.

Like, there has to be some affiliate guy, I mean, maybe somebody so successful you’ve never even heard of him cause hes retired on his island or something, but the point is, that guy is really good at affiliate marketing.  So do what he did.

If you ask any dropshipper, well, successful dropshipper they will tell you that it’s creating that “want” that makes the real money dropshipping. So for example, someone doesnt mind paying an extra $50 for that handbag because she really really wants it.  Thats why people use niches.

Others throughout affiliate marketing will tell you it’s all about becoming a problem solver, which both are true.  Although, dont get it twisted, those guys who claim to make $100,000k a month with their “proven” system, yeah, they may make that much, but they’re making it from the sales of their “proven” system.

Thats why here at we always promote only free opportunities to create passive income online.  If they want your money, then it is what it is, they will tell you whatever you want to here to sell their “system”, keep that in mind. We will never ask for a dime for some “proven” method.

But we will show you how to do everything for free, sounds too good to be true, but it really isn’t.  It requires a lot of hard work. But there is no need to pay for 10s of thousands of hits, registering domain names, generate sales through affiliate marketing or dropshipping, receiving free annuties, websites, books, courses, and programs that all earn you passive income.

Back to the topic at hand, how do I become wealthy? It’s like i’m beating around the bush about it, but the secret is, there is no secret. Just alot of hard work and the thing is, it really doesnt matter what you decide to create multiple streams of income with, you still reached that level by learning more about that particular subject.

That goes for anything, the old saying is true “the more you learn, the more you earn”. That’s exactly how you get wealthy, by creating streams of passive income. How do you do that? it’s all laid out for free at

Monetize everything you do, create streams of income (affiliate marketing, link redirection,dropshipping, adsense, youtube, etc..)by solving problems and creating needs.

The idea of passive income is beautiful, although it may seem like small amounts, but really it’s huge payouts. for example: let’s say you have one stream that earns you $4 a day.  I know what you’re thinking, like “im not going to waste my time” but imagine you have 200 streams earning you $4 a day.  well, that changes things a bit, doesn’t it?

It’s 100% completely possible, its all available at and we wont ask for your money.  This really works, but you have to apply yourself, if you’re not willing to put in the work, then you aren’t looking to be wealthy.

But i’ll be very honest with you, i’ve done alot of work setting this up and trying to provide all this information for free, but this whole time ive been earning money passively.  Some accounts have been maxed out for months, like the maximum payout was reached I just didnt cash out until later.  So the money is there, you just have to stay ontop of your business.

Can you create 200 streams of income? ummm… yeah… pretty easily too.  Every dropshipped product, every affiliate link, every website, every app, program, and dividends or whatever else generates income, you can create more than 200 in a month, if you worked hard.

Believe me or not, just my experience with the whole thing, hope this was informative and helps and remember its all in the mind.




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