4% Group review: Is it a scam?

As you should know by know, we don’t like paying for things that are available for free.  So when you see us promoting a system or program you might be shrugging your shoulders.  The fact is, if you look up enough reviews, it is somewhat legit, but not nearly http://legi.tk enough for our standards.

I wouldn’t be so against it, but it uses auto-responders, and as we’ve talked about those emails get annoying and eventually get sent to spam if you dont open them, so these people with 100k plus list (or so they think) they’re emails are only getting to about 500 people, so dont waste your time with auto responders.  The services aren’t free either.

Why would we promote this then? We’ll were not promoting as much as showing you another stream of passive income.  Here’s the “magic system”:

The “system” is like any other system, where they lure you in with a landing page http://beam.to/legit  then give some sample service away, then ask for money.  If you’ve read other blogpost, I have already assured you that their money is coming from your $50 for buying the program, which is only a splash page opting others to buy into the same splash page?

So use it what it’s good for.  By all means, it looks impressive and he actually does have some very very good information, im not suggesting dont watch the videos, i’m just saying dont do any trials or pay for anything.

If you do that it will leave you at step 4 in his program, but this also has given you an affiliate link to his splash page which is really well designed and marketed, a clickbank account to make money from, and a start in affiliate marketing.  Yes, you will make comissions on people buying this product whereever you promote the splash page, but make no mistake, you’re promoting his product for him, but, he does give you a free way to make money, sounds fair enough to me.


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