How to Brand Your Online Company

It may seem pointless to be connected to so many social networks, but you are dismissing how powerful this is for SEO.  From other blog post you already know how to make a free Intro to your Youtube Videos, a Free Logo With Udemy, and your Free App in the Google Play Store. Now you’re ready to brand your company.

building your brand

The most beautiful thing about making money online has to be that the possibilities are endless, literally.  There is no maximum amount of affiliate links/sites you can have, streams of income you create, or even products to dropship.  There are tons of social networks to choose from but here are some ones we recommend:






Live Journal



Why would we pick these?  Because of this



Now you can share your favorite or even your own videos to all your social networks and build powerful backlinks and social indicators.  Find popular articles or videos that you actually like and share those, as those get liked, you get followers who will then start to watch your content.

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