How to Grow Your Business Fast and For Free!

If you’ve been reading my blog you probably should have already signed up for all the major social media sites.  Incase you haven’t, at least get twitter, youtube, and pinterest. Twitter is one of the world’s  largest social media platforms and it gives you the ability to add up to 500 people a day without consent.

blog post twitter


It’s really easy to do too.


blog post twitter 2


Click “View All” in the top right


blog post twitter 3


This page should appear


blog post twitter 4


I just added 100 people and it took a grand total of a 2 minutes, if that.  Let’s see how many followers I get just from adding 100 people.


blog post twitter 5


Now there are about 191 other social media platforms, have your pick.  I suggest pinterest also because of its very quick to “pin” stuff to your board.  Builds followers because you pin peoples stuff and they pin your stuff, just like twitter and all the others.

Just click “Save” that’s in the top left side of most images and that’s it.

aliexpress post 2

It should pull up your board and pin it where you want.

aliexpress post


I hope this helps everyone grow their business, like or subscribe and I will subscribe to anyone who subscribes to me and let’s me know! Thanks for reading

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