Bank Promotions May – Jun 2017

Bank of America – $100 Cash Bonus

bank of america logoThere is an additional deal available from Bank of America. Open a new and eligible checking account at Bank of America on or before December 31, 2017. Sign up for direct deposit and receive at least two qualifying deposits of at least $250 within 90 days of opening the account. You should receive your bonus within 60 days of meeting the requirements.


Regions Bank – Up to $100 Cash Bonus
regions bank

Open a new checking account at Regions Bank, either online or at a branch. Then open a Regions LifeGreen Savings Account with an opening deposit of $50 or more. Set up a recurring monthly transfer of $10 or more from your Regions checking account to your LifeGreen Savings Account, and receive the max savings bonus of $100 on the annual anniversary date of opening your savings account. Your bonus should be deposited into your account on the business day following your anniversary date.


U.S. Bank – Up to $100 Bonus

us bank logoOpen a new Silver Checking Package Account at U.S. Bank along with a Package Money Market Savings Account, then enroll in START Smart within 90 days. You must also make at least one qualifying transfer (through START Smart) from your checking account to your money market account. Once you have an account balance of $500 in your money market account, you’ll become eligible for a $50 bonus. You’ll also receive 1% cash back on grocery and gas transactions on your debit card (up to $50) during the first year of enrollment. The accounts must remain open for at least one year, and your bonus or cash back will be paid out after that date. There’s a $25 minimum opening deposit required for both accounts.


Salem Five Bank – $100 Visa Gift Card

salem five logoOpen up a checking account with Salem Five Bank using promo code PP2013 and you can receive a $100 Visa reward card by completing any one of the following three requirements: set up direct deposit and complete 2 deposits of more than $250, make six online bill payments of more than $25, or make 20 debit card transactions of more than $5. The requirement you choose must be met within 60 days of account opening. Once the requirement is met, you’ll receive your reward card with 4-6 weeks.





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