Postloop Has Reopened! May 2017

Long running formerly (royal media, inc.) has been purchased by Ionicware, inc. has reopened.

Postloop was one of the first advertising platforms that allowed users to connect directly to advertiser or publisher. here’s what the now site admin had to say on the new forum

Hey everyone

My name is Beverly, site admin. Just wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself and let you know some good news about Postloop.

I work for Ionicware, Inc who recently purchased the amazing Postloop platform from Royal Media, LLC (Ryan). The site is now at a functional state and should be operational. We intend on supporting the current feature set and extending the platform into other areas of content writing.

We have some pretty big plans for Postloop. As good as it was before, we think you’ll be pleased with these ideas.

Once we get things moving again, we intend on:

1) Updating the theme to be current including a mobile version.
2) Adding more content writing opportunities and methods (articles, small content, other platform types, etc)
3) Adding more inbound payment methods such as Credit Card and Bitcoin.
4) Possibly adding more payout methods such as Payoneer and Hyperwallet (bank transfer).
5) Additionally, we hire a plethora of content writers on our network so we intend on moving all of that to PostLoop (which means any writer can write for us).
6) Continued expansion, growth and updates.

Please let us know here or via our help desk if you run into any issues whatsoever! Happy posting!

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