How to legally start your own online business for free.

You dont need to pay legal zoom $99 or anybody for that matter to start your own legit online company.  First you need a business name, you may already have one, or have one in mind.  Search Here to make sure your name isn’t already trademarked.


Trademarking is different than registering a copyright.  A trademark “TM” basically says in laymens terms “This idea/name/product is in the process of being a registered copyright, but until it is, the trademark will hold legal intellectual propriety on the idea/name/product.”


Anyone can trademark anything that isnt already trademarked for free.  One you have a business name, register with your local BBB (better business bureau) and SBA (small business administration). These both can be done for free.


You will need to register your company as a sole proprietorship.  Your EIN or employee Identification number will be your social security number on most sole proprietorships.

Next, build a website with wix or wordpress, which are both easy to use drag and drop online tools.

Google Voice also offers free business telephone numbers which you can choose from a long list of pre registered numbers.

Finally you’ll need an online marketplace platform like Ebid, Ebid is better than ebay because it charges no seller fees.

If you are willing to pay an additional $40 a month for your online store, amazon is a great option to dropship to as well.





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